Westwood / Sunset Trunk Line Repair Update Sunday, August 3, 2014

Westwood / Sunset Trunk Line Repair Update
Sunday, August 3, 2014

As of 11:00 am today, LADWP crews have completed the complex repairs to the two trunk lines at the site of last Tuesday’s rupture on Sunset Boulevard, near UCLA.  At this time, crews are nearing completion of backfill and compaction operations, readying the street for resurfacing, which will begin this afternoon.  In all, nearly 1,000 tons of sand and crushed aggregate base have been placed into the pit to stabilize the pipes, juncture and valves. 

Additional updates:

■ Earlier this morning inspectors from the City’s Bureau of Contract Administration completed inspection of the sand compaction around the pipe and determined that it is safe to proceed with final backfilling and street resurfacing.  This marked a major project milestone, necessary to ensure that the compacted base is sufficient to protect the pipe and ensure the structural soundness of Sunset Boulevard.

■ LADWP crews have used approximately 400 tons of sand and 540 tons of crushed aggregate base (CAB) to fill the hole.

■ LADWP continues to coordinate with the City Bureaus of Engineering, Contract Administration and Street Services on the next phases of the operation.

■ The trunk line pipes and valves have been completely repaired and have been partially pressurized.  Over the next few days, the pipe will be returned to full-service as a major artery in LADWP’s water supply and distribution system.  As these operations continue, it is possible that smaller main leaks and breaks could occur in the area, as pressures fluctuate and the system stabilizes.  Should a leak or break occur, LADWP water system crews will respond immediately.

■ LADWP staff remains on site at UCLA today from 8AM – 7PM providing claim forms and information at parking lot 36. Further information about the LADWP claims process, including how to file a claim and questions and answers about the process can also be found at www.ladwpnews.com under Hot Topics. Claims forms are also available at www.ladwp.com/claims.

■ For the latest news, information and photos of the repairs, please visit www.ladwpnews.com or follow us on Twitter: @LADWP. 

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