Westwood / Sunset Trunk Line Repair Update Saturday, August 2, 2014 8AM

Westwood / Sunset Trunk Line Repair Update

Saturday, August 2, 2014

As of 8:00 am today, crews are nearing completion on the complex repairs of the ruptured trunk line on Sunset Boulevard. At this time, crews have successfully replaced the damaged pipe sections and two new valves and welded the massive new juncture, which was fabricated on site.

Additional updates include:

  • Crews completed installation of the new custom built “T” section. The new section will be sturdier with extra steel plating to protect the joint and able to channel the water pressure much more effectively.
  • Crews also completed installation of two 36-inch diameter butterfly valves each weighing 4,000 pounds.
  • Crews are now finalizing welding, reinforcing the pipe with concrete thrust blocks and testing the new fittings. In addition, water pressure testing will also be conducted.
  • As the trunk line is placed back into service, and put back under full pressure, crews will carefully adjust valves in the area to return flow to the pipeline. This puts stress on pipes in the local water distribution system, which could potentially lead to leaks or pipe breaks.  Should this occur, crews will immediately respond.
  • Crews are coordinating the final repair phase with the beginning of backfilling operations, which must be done carefully to protect the trunk line and ensure the integrity of heavily traveled Sunset Boulevard.  A fleet of trucks is standing by along Sunset Boulevard ready to begin delivery of backfill material as soon as it is needed.

LADWP continues to coordinate the next phase of operations – backfilling, inspection and street repaving – with the City Bureaus of Engineering, Contract Administration and Street Services.

LADWP staff is providing claim forms and information on site today at Lot 36 on the UCLA campus between 8AM and 7PM.  Information about the LADWP claims process, including how to file a claim and questions and answers about the process is also online at www.ladwpnews.com under Hot Topics. Claims forms are also available at www.ladwp.com/claims .

For the latest news, information and photos of the repairs, please visit www.ladwpnews.com or follow us on Twitter: @LADWP.

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