Silver Lake Reservoir Complex Update

January 5, 2018

Last year, LADWP completed construction work to remove Silver Lake and Ivanhoe from the drinking water system. Thanks to an above-average year of snow in the Eastern Sierra—registering at more than double the snowpack of a typical year – LADWP refilled the reservoirs ahead of schedule using surplus water from the Los Angeles Aqueduct. New infrastructure is under construction at the Complex to maintain the reservoirs’ water elevations within historical levels and to maintain aesthetics. For more information regarding the planned infrastructure projects, click here.

LADWP is also working on several improvement projects at the Complex, including plans to open up access along the crest of Silver Lake Dam to create a walkway from Silver Lake Boulevard to West Silver Lake Drive. Another planned project will create a publicly accessible walkway adjacent to the northwest corner of Ivanhoe Reservoir. For more information on these and other planned improvement projects at the Complex, click here.