Ivanhoe Reservoir Water System Update

Temporary Draining of Ivanhoe Begins Week of September 10


As part of the Silver Lake Reservoir Bypass Project, Ivanhoe Reservoir has been removed from the LADWP Water Distribution System. To comply with specific regulatory requirements the pipeline connection needs to be physically cut off from the water system.  In order to complete this work, the water supply pipeline that connects Rowena and Ivanhoe Reservoirs will be sealed. This construction activity will not result in any water service interruptions.

Silver Lake Reservoir Complex:

To complete the work at Ivanhoe, it will need to be lowered to a depth of 10 feet.

Starting the week of September 10th, high flow pumps will be used to send 33 million gallons of water from Ivanhoe Reservoir to Silver Lake Reservoir. Once the construction work at Rowena Reservoir is complete, water will be pumped back from Silver Lake Reservoir to Ivanhoe Reservoir and the reservoirs will be equalized to an elevation of 448 feet.

Rowena Reservoir:

The construction at Rowena Reservoir will begin immediately after Ivanhoe Reservoir is drained. Construction will be contained inside the Rowena Reservoir LADWP property without encroaching on any public right‐of‐way. Public streets and sidewalks will not be impacted by the construction. Once completed, the construction area will be restored with drought‐tolerant landscaping.

Construction Schedule:

Hours:              7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Ivanhoe:         Ivanhoe Reservoir draining will take approximately 10 days and will begin the week of September 10th.  Refilling will take place after the work is completed at Rowena Reservoir, and will begin the week of October 22nd and will take 10 days to refill.

Rowena:         The work at Rowena will take approximately four weeks. The construction is expected to start the week of September 17th to the week of October 15th.


Contact Information

John Huynh, Project Manager




Dawn Cotterell, Community Affairs

(213) 367-4209